Monday, February 22, 2010

Two Words: Entitlement Whiner

Having done the child thing twice now (well, one was already a toddler when I came along), I know how difficult it can be taking them into public. Pushing a stroller, keeping their hands out of store shelves, the crankiness, etc. I get it. Really, I do.

However, people like this woman really irritate the living crap out of me. She talks about "mommy rage" as if she's entitled to be that way for merely having a kid. Sorry, but it doesn't work that way. "Out of my way, I'm a mom"? If I may indulge a bit of bawdy language, "Bitch, please."

An incident I remember rather well involved being at a video store looking at the used discs (I've occasionally struck cheap Criterion gold by browsing). This women in her SUV-sized stroller comes over and stops maybe an inch away as I'm crouched down (because that's where all the good discs are to be found). I'm annoyed but don't so anything. She then bellows, "Excuse me" and moves her arms as if getting ready to push her monstrosity through. The corridor was rather cramped so it's not as if I could just move to a side and let her by. I get up and move to the open end so Bully Mom can pass. Here's the best part. She parks her stroller in the middle of the aisle and begins browsing the discs! I wanted to say something but all that came to mind was a littany of profanity that would embarrass a sailor. So, I was the bigger man and just left.

No, having a child does not entitle you to anything but 18 years (at least) of motherhood with maybe some laughs and aggravation thrown in over the years. "Common courtesy" as mentioned by Ms. Albert, is a two-way street. Let's go down the list of commands made in that last paragraph, shall we?
  • "So please, pay attention"—holy crap, she said "please." Asking people to pay attention isn't too much to ask. I ask people to do this all the time as they chat on their mobile phones, walking in some lackadaisical pattern... as they push their strollers, and make it impossible to pass them on the Metro platform.
  • "be courteous"—"Out of my way" is the epitome of courtesy? I had no idea.
  • "do your job correctly"—This just in: no retail employee is allowed to make a mistake ever lest you incur "mommy rage," even if it's not your fault. Sucks to be you, Wage Slave! I'm a mom!
  • "occasionally, lend a hand"—Not usually a problem, even when you stare daggers at me for having the temerity to do so. Oh noes, you can't do it all?!?! Now you'll never be like those harpies on Sex and the City!!!
Here's my favorite quote out of the entire column: "Oh — and curb ramps are for things with wheels, so step aside." Screw you, blind people! I'm a mom!


smacky said...

What. A. Bitch. Talk about giving New Yorkers (and moms to a larger extent) a bad name. I sent it to Laura too and asked her opinion without commenting on it, and she agrees completely. The people defending her in comments aren't really defending her, they're making excuses: "It was satire, she's only asking people to do their jobs, etc." No, she is not. You fail reading comprehension. Even the title of the article "Managing Mommy Rage" is a misnomer. She doesn't say a thing about managing it, except to tell the ENTIRE WORLD how to stop her from raging on them.

She's a monster.

The comment to her story I agreed with the most: "Your child is the center of your universe, not ours."

angrygrrface said...

Obviously, if she is in a hurry and makes the choice to come into a store, it's somebody else's problem if she has to wait in a line. A line! The nerve of some people! Being a parent may be a choice, but she should still qualify for handicap parking!

Bill D. said...

I get the feeling that even if she didn't have a kid, she'd still find a way to justify her terrible attitude. Assholes is assholes.

angrygrrface said...

:( why don't you write anymore? I miss your posts.

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