Monday, February 1, 2010

Cool Comic Stuff

First up, DC will not only be offering Green Lantern rings again in April but also, wait for it... Flash rings! The very vehicle Barry and Wally used to hold their costumes will now be a little more accessible to the masses. I have one from my Silver Age action figure set but it's a little on the small side for my sausage-like digits. A Legion flight ring would be cool but I won't hold my breath.

Saving the best for last, Calvin & Hobbes creator Bill Watterson surfaces and gives an interview. Still no regrets after 15 years. Good for him. His comics are still awesome after all these years.

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smacky said...

Interesting interview. I suppose he gets asked the same few questions every 10 years, and generally gives the same answers. I guess like he let go of the strip, it's time for us to let him go. I don't think he'll ever announce he's making a new strip, or Pixar is going to do a Calvin & Hobbes movie, so let Watterson join Salinger and Harper Lee as someone who created something wonderful, then, instead of blowing his head off like Kurt Cobain, he inexplicably lived happily for another 50 years without creating anything else. Our society has a real hard time with folks just walking away like that. We're supposed to luck into fame and ride it until everyone is sick of us and then we OD and do a reality show about getting clean, then maybe join Scientology and do an interview in Parade magazine.

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