Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Well...So Much for That

I should have known that promising to provide content on a regular basis would have been broken before too long. My job entails a good chunk of my time and the stumbling blocks in my personal life have made keeping that promise nearly impossible. It's been beyond frustrating to open up the New Post window only to have to either close it or go do something else and not return to my laptop for a day or three. During breaks I'd see friends, both on- and offline, post substantive material and I'd become even more frustrated.

So it would appear I'm back to where I began when I tried to relaunch things here. I'll update when I can and hope that when new material returns on a regular basis, you'll still be here.


Kate said...

That's what RSS feeds are for! I'll be notified whenever you have time to come back.

And, hey, never apologize for having a real life; I think that's admirable. If I had a life and a job and friends who didn't live a whole day's drive away, I'm sure I'd spend more time in the real world and less time online.

Just keep us abreast via Twitter of your real-life foibles. You can handle 140 characters, right??

De said...

I think the frustration stems from the purpose of my blogging endeavors, which was to spur me to write more. I miss writing for fun and miss writing things like essays and articles.

The Best Picture blog requires me to sit down with a film for a couple of hours, do a bit of research, and then write the article/review. At minimum, that's 3-4 hours I wish I had for a single post.

I can definitely use Twitter to update things and provide some entertainment. My problem is that I forget about it until I pull out the Blackberry to answer the phone or send a text :-P

smacky said...

Don't worry about it. It's not like a bought a subscription to your blog and feel ripped off! And have you SEEN my posts this past month? I've been swamped at work and my posts have been little pics of things around me. Because I'm too lazy to blog at home!

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