Sunday, December 13, 2009

A View from Borders

Every once in a while, I hang out at Borders and type up blog posts. Each time brings something odd, annoying, and sometimes even cool.

  • A young couple sitting at the table adjacent to mine felt the need to pour through women's fashion magazines citing who was ugly... rather loudly. And the guy offering most of the commentary? Horses laugh at him.
  • Invariably, people come in with their laptops and stay for hours, believing the one cup of coffee they bought three hours previous entitles them to park at the outlet-accessible tables forever.
  • There's just something about a woman confident to wear jeans and a sweatshirt with her hair up that I find incredibly alluring.
  • Matt, the barista here at the Manassas Borders, is pretty cool.
  • If the squirming in the chair is any indication, I think the girl in the comfy chair near the window is trying to pull off a one-cheek sneak.

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