Thursday, December 3, 2009

Selling Stuff for Amy Zahn

My pal Smacky has inspired me to begin selling stuff on Amazon instead of eBay. The once vaunted eBay has become more and more frustrating to use as a seller and I still have a ton of stuff to clear from my cluttered house. I figured I would give Amazon a go and the results have been rather busy.

Over the past two weeks since I started this, I've been averaging one order per day. Every day on my lunch break, I've been carting stuff off to be shipped. I'm not making a mint from this by any means but I am making back most of what I paid for this stuff in the first place. Of course, with the holidays coming up, any extra cash is a good thing to have around.

Here's a list of what I have so far. I'll try to get around to putting this stuff in the sidebar eventually, but here's the list for now:

More DVDs and stuff will be headed toward Amazon in the coming days. Look for the seller known as filmfaninva and leave off the last 's' for savings!

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