Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Talkin' Some TV

I find myself watching a lot of TV when I'm by myself at home. This usually happens late at night, especially on the weekends where I can easily stay up until 2 or 3 in the morning. Normally the stuff watched is time shifted (i.e., recorded when it airs and watched later) but occasionally I'll watch shows in real time. So what am I watching? I'm glad you asked:

The Big Bang Theory: I'm a couple of years late to the party on this one, but I am hooked hooked hooked now. Socially inept scientists having wacky misadventures and they're geeks? It's like a sitcom version of my life (except for the socially inept part, right ladies?).

The Biggest Loser: As cliche as this sounds, this show spurred me on to begin losing weight. Starting at 267lbs, I've managed to drop down to 235 in the span of three months. Seeing people with severe weight issues taking charge (with the help of a TV show of course) to improve their health is a good thing. Some of these peoples' stories are genuinely compelling; however, I'm not a fan of the Machiavellian drama that ensues over voting people off.

V: Only four episodes of this will be shown before hiatus with the remainder of the episodes to air in January (I think). The first episode went by way too quickly and now the subsequent episodes are moving too slowly. Along with the pacing, another big sticking point with me is the lack of normal people. In the original, we had three different families and saw the story unravel through them. I'll watch the mid-season ender and see if I'm willing to put up with more.

NBC's Thursday Night Comedies: Without a doubt, I am a huge fan of The Office. I even considered going to the Scranton convention. The show has dipped a bit in quality this past season but there are still enough chuckleworthy moments to still make it worthwhile. Parks and Recreation has vastly improved from that clumsy first season. I'm not an Amy Poehler fan at all, but the supporting cast on that show more than makes up for her "Look at me! I'm ca-razy!" style of comedy. Community rocks my world. Okay, Alison Brie (Annie) rocks my world. The show is pretty funny too. Still haven't gotten into the habit of 30 Rock. Sorry folks.

Stargate: Universe: In fanboy circles, this is often referred to as Battlestar Galactica Light. To an extent, I have to agree. However, the past couple of episodes have appeared to be getting away from the tropes associated with Galactica. The characters appeal to me much more than the plots. Eli especially stands out as my favorite character. He's a math geek who constantly whips out pop culture references. What's not to like? Don't like the communication stones at all. Hard to sympathize with the marooned people when they spend half their time on Earth (albeit while inhabiting other people's bodies).


smacky said...

Question: You do know Alison Brie is also on Mad Men, right?

De said...

That is news to me. I just may have to move Mad Men up in the Netflix queue.

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