Friday, November 28, 2008

Unintended Punnery I'm Sure

It didn't take long for the marketing to start after Barack Obama's election. As I watch the beautifully creepy House of Wax (with Vincent Price, not the Hilton heiress), there's a super long commercial for the commemorative Barack Obama half dollar. Among the stuff you get with your coin and commemorative stamps is a certificate of authenticity with "Change" emblazoned in giant letters across the top.

Obviously it's change; it's a friggin' half dollar!

Stay for the veal, I'm here all week!


Anonymous said...


angrygrrface said...

Ha, I thought that was pretty funny! I've seen a ton of those ads. WTF? Dude isn't even president yet. And not that I think he will, but what if he sucks at it?

angrygrrface said...

Oh, and I love the plates that have the 27 undecided votes. Gotta get those plates on your mantle by Christmas! Or you're not the cool kids on the block!

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