Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Last night, Em had grilled up some burgers that we'd have for dinner and then take the leftovers as lunch for the rest of the week. Burgers were cooked, burgers were eaten, and all was well. Never knowing when the burger bug might strike again, we left the rest on a plate in the kitchen.

Big mistake.

While watching a bit of Countdown with Keith Olbermann before the debates, we noticed that things were just a little too quiet. Normally, our small dog Zoe harasses Arf and they play around as dogs do. Em heard a sound in the kitchen and we both immediately thought Arf was into the garbage.

Em then asked how many burgers I had eaten. She had cooked 12: I had three (I was hungry so sue me), she had eaten two, which meant seven should have been on the plate. There were three: one of which had a small bite taken out of it. To say I was livid at the time is an understatement. Normally Arf is good about leaving food alone, but I guess no one, not even a reasonably obedient dog, is immune to the burger bug.


smacky said...

Is that the post-burger shot? Arf is thinking "I can't believe I ate four burgers. Ohhhh, my stomach. It was so worth it!!!"

Wes said...

Dude! That dog ate four burgers! That sort of thing would not be tolerated in certain parts of Korea.

De said...

Following up on this story (it wasn't enough for a post), the burgers did a number on Arf's stomach. This morning, I found a nice pile of dog crap in the basement.

Anonymous said...

Serves you right for feeding burgers to a dog. How inappropriate.

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