Friday, September 5, 2008

Oh No! Look Out! It's About to Erupt!!

Last night, I succumbed to the Taco Bell marketing machine and bought some of their new Volcano Tacos. Boy do they know their demographic. There I was, watching Ice Road Truckers, when the commercial came on touting its spicyness through the miracle of Lava Sauce.

Lava Sauce implies lots of heat since things have to be pretty hot to liquefy rock, right? Well, upon eating it, I was just a tad disappointed. While I was expecting heat on the order of hot, molten magma, I would have been happy with jalapeno-level heat atop my taco or even something like Taco Bell's already yummy Fire Sauce. But no, the Lava Sauce was like someone went overboard with a pepper shaker. That's not spicy, that's over seasoned. I'm sure some focus group of soccer moms liked it, but they probably clamored for those Fruitista thingys too.

And what's with the red-pink shell? If it was supposed to be a spicy taco shell, it wasn't. I guess it was to fool you into thinking your taste buds were in for some kind of thermodynamic horror.

Sorry Taco Bell. Thumbs down on the Volcano Taco.


angrygrrface said...

I wasn't impressed, either. The whole time I was thinking "I'm ruining my diet for this shit?"

Anonymous said...

Tacoland, it's a panacea
Tacoland, they're always glad to see ya
You'll understand
when you go on
Down to Tacoland.....


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