Monday, September 22, 2008

Insult to Injury?

Not sure if this is merely coincidence or some kind of cruel joke, but Mr. Mike Sterling posted a picture of a Green Hornet fan club pin in his post this morning. If Chris Sims later posts a picture of a hornet kicking me in the face, then I'll know for sure that the Internet is out to get me.


Kate said...

Was reading an article in New Scientist today about how paper wasps have shown a level of memory unseen in insects by being able to remember rivals' faces after a week apart.

All I could think was that some hornets out there have seen your face and are just biding their time. Sleep with one eye open, my man. You've been warned.

De said...

Great. Now I'm Public Enemy #1 in the hornet world. I'll be sleeping in a sarcophagus from now on.

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