Saturday, September 20, 2008

The Face of the Enemy

This is what I saw Thursday night:

Everyone will work for Swarm? Not me, Sunshine!


angrygrrface said...


angrygrrface said...

Oh God, I just read your previous post and clicked on the link and man, wouldn't it just be easier to move?

Hornets? NEST?!

Wes said...

Were you victorious?

We had an intense yellowjacket infestation recently -- they were up inside the roof and spray wasn't doing jack, so we just called the exterminator to take care of them. Only one or two actually made their way into the house, though.

Hopefully none of y'all are allergic -- if they'd swarmed into here en masse, you might have been reading my obituary in the Washington Post!

Chris said...

Great character... needs to be a Build a figure somehow ;)

Emily said...

Yes, Wes, I'm allergic. Fortunately European Hornets aren't aggressive, so I didn't get stung. De did, but just once. I spent a lot of time Not In The House with the kids.

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