Sunday, August 31, 2008

Big Screen Bloggin'

I'm typing this to you through the magic of television—big screen television, Bay-bee!

The monitor I was using for the super-charged desktop PC died a little while ago so I decided to hook it up to the 46-inch screen in the living room. Add a wireless keyboard and mouse and you're ready to roll. The result isn't as perfect as I'd like but it will do until I can get another monitor for the office.

One of the more cool things I can do is watch YouTube videos and read my digital comics from the couch without the laptop battery threatening to burn a hole in my leg.

* * * * * * * *

This past Friday, I learned that I'll likely have to work some insane hours throughout the month of September. As I wait for authorization to work on the project I was hired for, I've been asked to assist in creating some training materials for another project. However, this project is already behind and I have until the end of the month to finish. Grr. Argh.


Emily said...

And porn. Don't forget the Internet porn.

smacky said...


Miss Step said...

Slim hardcover books that you'd been meaning to read but never will are wonderful to prevent your thigh from getting burned from the battery... lol

I tried various thicknesses/lengths, and the current one is juuuuust perfect ("Little Things Long Remembered: Making your children feel special everyday" - my teenage stepdaugthers can't be bothered to pick up their stuff, so to heck with my good intentions! *smirks*)

De said...

You're the awesome, Miss Step :-)

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