Monday, July 7, 2008

Hello Hypocrisy

Tonight, Emily received a call from the hospital where Miriya was born back in March. It was to collect for our daughter's delivery and the care of both the baby and Emily. Did you know the retail price of having a baby is over $14,000? Medical insurance is supposed to cover nearly all of it (per our policy), but a bureaucratic screw-up (dealing with Miriya's due date and her actual date of birth) has ensured that we keep playing telephone tag with our provider and the hospital. While I'll reluctantly shell out the $200 co-payment, this situation annoys me to no end.

Here's where the hypocrisy comes in. Republicans make such a show of being pro-life, protecting children, family values, blabbity-blabbity-blah. However, they are essentially shills for the insurance industry that makes it their business not to pay claims if at all possible, including childbirth. So, I guess they only care about children if you can pay the price to have them. Don't get me wrong, I'm not a fan of having boatloads of kids (and I can't stand how the Discovery Channel romanticizes it), but why should a married couple have to pay for the privilege? I'm fortunate that I can eat a $200 co-pay but I shudder to think about the couple that has to shell out a few thousand. Sure, my conservative friends will say that you get it back in tax credits. However, there's a giant difference between $14K due on delivery (pardon the pun) and getting $1,000 back once a year for 14 years.

Emily will be calling the insurance folks again tomorrow. Hopefully she'll get to talk to a human being and straighten this out.


Siskoid said...

Tax credits are one of the evils of this world. It's relief-not-relief. They can call it what they want, what people actually need not to get into debt and owe their souls to the bank is money UPFRONT. Cost cuts UPFRONT.

We have the same bull on this side of the border (though not for health care... yet).

De said...

Pardon my ignorance, but is the Canadian government proposing sweeping changes to the national health care?

Siskoid said...

My tax credit beef is in the area of postsecondary eduction, student debt and the like. I'm off the hook (only took me TWELVE YEARS to pay up), but I now work FOR the student movement, and it's really an uphill battle.

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