Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Sex and the City = Pox on Humanity

The Sex and the City movie opened this past weekend with $57 million, beating the second week of Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull at the box office ($44.7 million in case you were wondering). First of all, I want to preface this by saying I am not one of those fanboys from his mother's basement throwing some kind of tantrum because Indy was beaten by a chick flick.

The characters on the television series are quite possibly the most shallow, self-absorbed entitlement whores I've ever had the non-pleasure of seeing, even in fictional form. They "want it all" and feel they should have it all. And even when life is good to them, it still isn't enough.

The worst aspect is that this pattern of behavior has been adopted by American women nationwide as some sort of guide to life. Yay, because the planet needs more jerks. But it's about friendship between women, you say. Great, friends of any gender that are all vapid twits is such a wonderful thing. It's as if high school never ended for these people. If that's the sort of person you see as a guru to life, here's a bit of advice: grow the hell up. It's not all about you.

And for all those that went to the film dressed to the nines (I wish I were making this up), you're just as bad as the Star Wars fans in Jedi costumes i.e., the people you scorned in high school.


smacky said...

You think the person who took that picture crapped his pants? Or did they develop the picture off the roll of film found in the camera next to his dead body?

Chris said...

I followed the series. Some of the earlier seasons I found interesting... but as the series wore on, it was annoying that these characters never developed out of their "vapidness".

The movie which I did 'watch' although not in a theater ;) was horrible, it was the worst parts of the tv series, amplified, devoid of anything redeeming whatsoever, and since the characters were even older, it was that more pathetic as you would hope that they would have matured somewhat.

I watched it with a couple friends and we paused that movie every 10 minutes and railed on about the culture it had on display.

The movie sucked, but the conversation I had about how awful the characters were was quite good.

Not sure if one balanced the other. I also do not reccomend this movie at all for all the reasons you mention.

But the movie overally made me feel sad for humanity.

natasha said...

check out this crazy comedy blog which explains how clinton lost the election when all the women off went to watch sex and the city..Bwhahahahah!! hilarious stuff!!!
enjoy :)

De said...

That's pretty funny, Natasha but somehow I don't see many people in the remaining states lining up to see the movie :-)

Siskoid said...

The tv show was mildly entertaining whenever I was exposed to it. Clearly, I'm not the target audience, so it gets a big whatever from me.

But the movie looks like the show's greatest hits and has nothing (at least, in the trailers) new to offer. When a tv series has a definite ending (and this one had, as I remember), there's no need to revisit it.

I'm not surprised it opened strong though. High profile chick flicks are pretty rare and have just as much of a core audience as something like Indiana Jones (which probably suffered in its second week from tepid word of mouth).

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