Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Picture Pages Picture Pages

Okay, it's maybe a picture page, singular. As promised, here are a couple of pictures from the wedding day festivities...

First up are my daughters, Cora and Miriya. That's me holding Miriya, but my head is cut off in the picture and I have no neck.

Aren't they cute? Cora was flower girl for the bridal party and Miriya got to drool on my suit. Hey, that rhymes! I'm a poet and didn't know it.

Next up is a picture of me and Charlie Walker, the first astronaut not employed by NASA. He was on three shuttle flights in the '80s. He and his wife, Susan, are friends of my mother-in-law which is pretty darn cool. Not cool is that he's moving to Tuscon this month.

Not sure what the heck's wrong with my face in that photo. But I'm positive my mouth wasn't full of Gulf, jumbo-sized shrimp (there was a metric ton of those at the reception).

Lastly, here I am doing my "Stephen Colbert's Astronaut Friend" pose:

Even former astronauts are not immune to the bunny-ear gag.


smacky said...

"Not cool is that he's moving to Tuscon this month."

What would be cool is a possible ASTRONAUT YARD SALE preceding the move!

Chris said...

That last pictures great.

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