Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Oh Hey, It's Wednesday

Time really got away from me this week. It's been a bear of a week and it's not even over yet.

Monday began interestingly enough until we were greeted with the news that the subway had derailed between the Courthouse and Rosslyn stations. Exactly the way I needed to go. Thankfully, Emily was able to come pick me up from the office and we drove home.

Tuesday morning, Emily and I carpooled and she drove me to the office. I had an appointment in the city that required a dark suit. Keep in mind that the mercury shot past 100 degrees that day (just as it had on Monday). Yes, I'm aware that talking about in the urban jungle of DC in a dark suit on a hot day is lunacy but decorum must be maintained and all that. Oh, and nothing like sweating bullets just before having to meet someone important.

And more commuting fun was had yesterday when equipment malfunctions caused sizeable delays. I must have spent close to an hour in that sweltering station with 700 of my closest friends wearing that dark suit. It was lovely I assure you.

I began feeling a tad off yesterday and more or less went to bed as soon as I got home. Woke up this morning with the congestion from hell. In my haste to make carpool on time, I forgot to take some Mucinex with me. And seeing as how I bought two boxes yesterday, I couldn't buy anymore today at the pharmacy near the office lest I be picked for trying to run a meth lab. Feh, I say.

Meeting a friend for a coffee and a chat this evening. I might also have some good news to share soon.

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Anonymous said...

you know... if you go to the doctor, instead of the mucinex they'll give you some awesome steroids.

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