Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Extreme Commuting

I've posted commuting stories before but they all pale in comparison to what happened tonight. We (not the royal 'we' but my carpool driver and I) leave Rosslyn aboard the Metro where we're told that the train will be ending at East Falls Church station four stops from the usual Vienna station. The storm had taken down trees and screwed with electrical systems. However, we're also told that train service is working from West Falls Church to Vienna. This left us with a problem: getting to the West Falls Church station.

Metro offered shuttle buses between stations but that was a huge problem for a number of reasons:
  • Buses came very sporadically, not surprising because of rush hour traffic.
  • A bus holds maybe a train car full of people.
  • Trains were still coming every 15 minutes or so, thereby increasing the number of people waiting for buses.
So a number of my fellow commuters and I hoofed it. That's right, we walked from the East Falls Church station to the West Falls Church station. That's a distance of nearly two miles using the W&OD Trail. Because I work in an office, I had on a blazer and dress shoes -- not exactly power walking attire.

But walk we did, eventually reaching our destination but not before it began raining again. The drive home was okay, marked by intense pockets of rain and the occasional clap of thunder. It didn't help that the carpool driver was "rocking out" to Led Zeppelin (one of the worst rock bands ever) with half of the windshield fogged.

I'm told there's no power at home so I'm typing this in a local pizza joint eating diet-crashing pepperoni pizza. After tonight's ordeal, I'm surprised I haven't ordered a half dozen cannolis to go with it.

EDIT: Here's a link to Metro's press release.


smacky said...

We both had interesting trips home. My car met a patio umbrella. Hard.

Anonymous said...

How about taking 2 1/2 hours to get to work this morning only to find out that you have to turn around and go home because the power is out?

De said...

That does bite royally, Anon. Hope that still isn't the case.

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