Friday, June 6, 2008

Day of a Thousand Comics

Amazon's two-day shipping continues to seriously rock my world. Yesterday, the first half of my order arrived with the second half scheduled to arrive today. Yay!

The comics in question? Two of the GIT Marvel DVD-ROMS—The Amazing Spider-Man: The Complete Collection and Fantastic Four-Silver Surfer: The Complete Collection.

The Spider-Man DVD-ROM contains Amazing Fantasy #15 (Spidey's very first appearance) as well as every single issue of The Amazing Spider-Man from #1 to 531 and first 34 annuals. 566 comics total = Awesome!

The sister titles like Spectacular Spider-Man, Web of Spider-Man, and the adjectiveless Spider-Man are not included here (let alone the metric buttload of mini-series and other assorted spin-off titles), but I'm not going to get my panties in wad about it. This is a damn good deal. I snagged this for $35 and change from the good folks over at Amazon. Amazon still has some left so I would order it without delay as this collection is now out-of-print and will begin commanding secondary market prices before long.

The Fantastic Four-Silver Surfer DVD-ROM contains Fantastic Four #1 to 543, the #1/2 issue, and the first 33 annuals, as well as all four series of Silver Surfer and its nine attendant annuals. That's 766 comics! Holy crap!

Not included here are the Human Torch material from the early 1960's Strange Tales, the plethora of mini-series and spin-offs, or any of the titles featuring the ever lovin', blue-eyed Thing. Again, I am certainly not going to quibble over crap like "false advertising" because this stuff isn't on the disc. 766 comics for $35 (or 5 cents per comic) and change sort of makes me feel like I'm stealing.

Amazon still appears to have a number of these left so get them while you can.

Due to arrive tonight:
It's going to be a great summer.

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