Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Ticked Off Wednesday

After waiting for nearly a week (allegedly a hold up in locating the disc), Netflix finally delivered Fart: The Movie. After working out on the elliptical trainer yesterday, I figured a nice, juvenile comedy would be a perfect way to wind down the day. Unfortunately, Fart: The Movie did not deliver. This movie stinks.

When you hear a title like Fart: The Movie, you expect fart jokes and lots of them. The description I read made it appear that the film was fart jokes in the context of a romantic comedy. In a movie running roughly an hour and a half, there are maybe 10 minutes worth of fart jokes.

10 minutes!

The Eddie Murphy version of The Nutty Professor had more gassy guffaws than this piece of drek. I feel robbed. I want that time back but we all know how that works. If you happen to run into this movie at the video store or on Netflix or something, stay away. Do yourself a favor and get Thunderpants instead. That's a movie that truly delivers the flatulent funny.

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