Monday, May 19, 2008

Returning to Jedi

Several months ago, I downloaded a film calling itself Returning to Jedi, which is a fan documentary by Jambe Davdar about the third Star Wars film (or Episode VI if you prefer), Return of the Jedi. After watching the film over the weekend, I'm not sure what to call this but documentary doesn't seem to fit. The film explores deleted scenes, alternate takes, and other concepts, while combining it all with commentary from the creators recorded over the years. Oh, and all of this is done while the film is running.

Davdar based this project on his earlier work, Building Empire, which was an exhaustive look at The Empire Strikes Back. Both of these were possibly inspired by Garrett Gilchrist's Star Wars: Deleted Magic.

While there were a couple of noticeable omissions (Lando's possible death, urban myth or not, immediately springs to mind), the project is a terrific exploration of what could have been. Thankfully, you don't have to wait a day to download this via BitTorrent. Instead, the project is available to view on YouTube (here's a link to Part 1).

On another Star Wars note, a kind gentleman sold me his copy of Classic Star Wars Volume 1: Doomworld over the weekend for a reasonable price. The reprint volume of the first 20 issues of Marvel comic book series is currently out of print and sells for $50–200. My price was significantly less than that.

Yes, that's a six-foot tall green space rabbit.

Marvel's Star Wars comics were produced in an era when there weren't a gazillion guidebooks on continuity and seething fanboy arguments as to what's "canon" or not. For the record, in my not so humble opinion, I'd take this stuff over The Phantom Menace any day of the week—space rabbits and all.


smacky said...

I really do have fond memories of the Marvel Star Wars comics. (OK, not so much the green rabbit...) but Marvel was the first to attempt to explain the Mandelorian, and there were two others in Boba Fett armor, which was so cool! And there was a bright pink sex-mad female bounty hunter who traveled with a guy named Rik who was basically Han Solo with a beard, and a whatever-species-Greedo is guy. AND they were the first to explain how Boba Fett escaped from the Sarlacc.

Good times.

jambedavdar said...

So glad you like Returning to Jedi and Building Empire.


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