Wednesday, May 28, 2008

More Commuting Fun

Arrived at the Metro station with a train docked and its doors open. The doors-closing chime sounds and my carpool driver manages to make it inside the car. I do not. So I got to wait for another train to arrive.

During the train ride, the operator calls the wrong name for a station and folks just go completely bonkers. We stopped at the correct station and all was well, but geez. Wacky thing is, I arrived in the office at my usual time.

Refusing to see today's commuting woes as a portent of a lousy day, I went to Burger King for some breakfast and learned they serve Whoppers in the morning! Beats the fat-laden Croissan'wich anyday of the week! A plain Whopper and a cup of coffee means a happy De... for the time being (hee hee).


Bill D. said...

Whopper for breakfast. I remember when I was able to do that. *sniff*

I envy you your digestive system, sir.

De said...

I think I got lucky this time. Normally, eating something like that feels like a load of bricks about an hour later.

smacky said...

...a load of bricks in your pants...

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