Friday, May 2, 2008

Iron Mania

The Iron Man movie opens today just in case you've been living in a cave this week. I don't really have time to see it this weekend but I'm not typically the sort of person that goes to movies on opening weekend anyway. Theater-going is a crap shoot to begin with and I'd rather not stack the deck against me by going on opening weekend, which always tends to bring out the mobile phone people, young kids, and other n'er-do-wells seemingly intent on ruining one's movie experience.

Anyway, enough crotchety old man talk. Today, I bought The Invincible Iron Man: The Complete Collection. Complete collection of what, you may ask? Comics baby! Pretty much every Iron Man issue from 1963–2006 all on one fabulous DVD-ROM disc. With Amazon's two-day shipping, I'll be thrilling to Tony Stark's exploits by Tuesday at the latest.

My fellow comics enthusiasts may want to take note: This disc is now out of print so what's out there in stores and e-tailers is it. Marvel is trying their darndest to push their crappy digital comic subscription service so don't count on digital collections like this to be available again for a good, long while.


Anonymous said...

The movie was great!

Therin of Andor said...

I'm hearing nothing but positive reviews for "Iron Man". Robert Downie Jr has been Down Under last week promoting the movie, and he's been on his best behaviour and very charming - and passionate about the film.

Everyone is saying "Make sure you stay through the credits at the end". i always do, but it's great when you know there's a bonus for the ones who do stay!

Can't wait. It opened here last Thursday.

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