Thursday, May 8, 2008

Brown Bag Thursday

Ever try making a sandwich while holding a baby? It's a challenge, especially if said baby is a bit of a squirmer.

* * * *

The man, the legend known as Wes pointed to an Anime Face Maker. While I was waiting for the laptop to boot up, I made what I thought was a semi-decent self-portrait:

Granted, my face is a bit rounder (I like cheeseburgers, so sue me) and my neck is quite a bit thicker. I'm curious what the rest of you come up with.

* * * *

There's not an awful lot going on at the moment but should my muse decide to appear today, I'll pop off another entry. In the meantime, enjoy another picture of GIs fighting dinosaurs during World War II:


smacky said...

Posted my version in my blog.

Cheeseburger sounds pretty good right now...

De said...

I want a cheeseburger really really bad, but I can't have one until I'm down 10 pounds. I'm down 8, which is close but not close enough.

smacky said...

I can't get a handle on the scale of the dino. Based on the fact that there's a TANK falling in the hole the dino created when he came up, he has to be Godzilla size. BIGGER than Godzilla, in fact. It also means the bridge must be five miles long, and the bullets from the soldier's gun probably aren't even reaching the dino.

De said...

Yeah, that is a pretty psychedelic picture there.

Wes said...

Making a sandwich while holding a baby sounds like the kind of challenge you'd see on a Food Network gameshow! Wacky.

Too bad the Anime Face Maker didn't have a "hand holding cheeseburger" accessory. :)

And that (Nazi?!) dinosaur is bloody awesome.

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