Thursday, April 17, 2008

Pope-tastic Thursday

When my carpool buddy and I arrived at the Vienna Metro station this morning, there was already a ton of people there -- a bit of a flip from the usually quiet environs we're used to at 6:30am. Lots of folks itching to attend the Pope's mass um... Mass at the Nationals Park baseball stadium today.

In front of the gates this morning was a table set up selling... wait for it...

The normal all-day pass has been turned into a souvenir for area Catholics to stick in their scrapbooks and cherish for years to come. Umm... okay.

While that's somewhat crass (yet chuckle worthy), I think the funniest story this week involves the people attempting to scalp tickets to the Pope's Mass. In order to even get a ticket, you had to be a church-going Catholic or somehow convince a priest that you should go instead of someone in the church. The tickets have been made non-transferrable but that's not stopping some of these morons from committing simony -- the sale of sacraments, one of which is Mass. It wouldn't surprise me if the same people trying to scalp tickets are the ones that scream the loudest about so-called "Christian persecution".

But let's not end on such a dour note. You know what makes a day brighter? Pictures of monkeys. Here's a picture of Enos, the Space Chimp:

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smacky said...

Well, I'm sure glad he didn't die in space!

I saw on TV that folks around the stadium are selling T-shirts with the pope's name and number like a football jersey.


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