Monday, April 21, 2008

I Carry Stupid in a Bucket

After picking up some dinner, I thought I'd pop into the local Ninth Circle of Hell for some Southern Brew tea in a jug. You have to understand -- Southern-style sweet tea is only beginning to creep into Northern Virginia. Normally I only get to enjoy this yummy nectar if I happen to drive 100 miles south or visit relatives in traditionally Southern states. Unfortunately, the Ninth Circle of Hell is the only place to get this stuff in jug form.

So there I am at the self checkout, ready to pay, only to realize that my wallet is in the car (having pulled it out of my pocket to pay for dinner). But wait, there's change in my pocket. Enough to pay for my liquid crack? Of course not! I was eight cents short. Eight. Cents. Short.

Maybe I can pay using my amazing powers of memorization. I have my debit card number memorized so I should be able to just type it in and be on my way, right? Nope. In order to prevent fraud, you have to swipe an actual card. Makes sense as I wouldn't anyone else using their amazing powers of memorization and my card number.

So I did what any other totally embarrassed person would do. I said I'd be back with my wallet and then ran away. Weird how I have no problem whatsoever running into a burning building but stuff like this scares me to no end.


smacky said...

You can have all of the sweet tea I'm offered when I go to my hometown again. It will be arriving at your place in a tanker truck!

angrygrrface said...

My friend from New Orleans made me try sweet tea once. Once. Because tea with sugar is wrong!

The cashier wouldn't float you for eight damn cents? What kind of crazy town is that anyway?!

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