Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Did You Hear? The Pope's in Town!

Made the mistake of starting the commute late this morning due to not leaving the office until 10 last night. It didn't occur to me until my carpool driver and I got onto the highway that today starts a flurry of Pope-mania here in DC.

I didn't sleep very much last night so my brain isn't up to its usual nuttiness or attempts at insight despite the quantites of caffeine I'm throwing at it. Sorry, but it's another ape picture today. However, this picture does pretty much sum up my mood after the ordeal of commuting this morning, surrounded by throngs of Pope enthusiasts:


smacky said...

Remember that Starbuck's commercial where the guy is walking to his job interview and they're playing "Rock and Roll Part 2" with the chant changed to "Chuck, Chuck!"?

I like to picture the big guy slowly riding by in his Popemobile, as the crowd chants, "Pope! Pope!" to the tune of "Rock and Roll, Part 2."

smacky said...

PS: 10PM?!?!?

angrygrrface said...

I am so happy I live out west right now, sucka!

Bill D. said...

The pope will be in NYC this weekend.

So will the wife and I.

We're hoping that since we'll actually be leaving on Saturday, we won't get caught up in as much hoohaw, but we're still worried.

Razzafrazza pope.

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