Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Wacky Turn of Events Wednesday

Well, that didn't last long. What's "that," you ask? "That" would be my new job. For reasons I am not allowed to divulge, I was told yesterday that my last day will be April 4 unless I find a new position before then. And no, I didn't do anything in the realm of bad behavior to warrant this, in case you were wondering.

So again I search. Say it with me everybody - Grr. Argh.

The silver lining is that I have a freelance assignment that will last through Saturday. This will certainly help cushion the financial blow in case I don't find something immediately. On that front, I've fielded a few calls and I've fired (pardon the pun) my resume off to a number of potential employers. We'll see how things turn out.


smacky said...

What? Are they short on blood? I've turned them down the last few times they've called, because they expect me to take a day off work to go somewhere and give blood. I keep telling them to come to my office and do a blood drive like they've done several times in the last few years, but I guess if 20% of 100 employees give blood, it's not worth setting up for an entire day.

Long story short, I hope I didn't help bring this about!

Good luck in the search!

Bill D. said...

Well, that's pretty shitty. Good luck!

angrygrrface said...

Wow. Wha! That is totally shitty!

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