Friday, March 14, 2008

Testes Testes 1 2 3

I'm checking if I can just e-mail an entry into the blog using Utterz.

Miriya came home yesterday with a reasonably clean bill of health. She needs to have her bilirubin levels (an overabundance of which will cause jaundice) checked Saturday. She'll meet her pediatrician (who just happens to be our family doctor) next week.

I know this next item will require me to turn in my Man Card but so be it. I couldn't help but get a little misty-eyed when Miriya stirred at the sound of my voice last night. *sniff*

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Anonymous said...

UGH... don't talk to her when she's sleeping!! You'll wake her, then all hell will break loose. Let sleeping babies lay.

smacky said...

I thought that just applied to dogs? Which one do you pop with a rolled-up newspaper if they make a mess on the rug? I'm all confused now...

You can keep your man card. You'll need it to show ID when I buy the Dad a celebratory beer sometime soon!

angrygrrface said...

Oh my God, that is so sweet! Aww!

Anonymous said...

Nah - that just means you have your Dad card. :) -am

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