Monday, March 10, 2008

The King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters

Since I was off from work this morning, I decided to have a coffee and watch this film about obtaining the new world record score for Donkey Kong. Despite its somewhat silly premise, it's a well-crafted film but it was a tad disturbing to watch. While it appears some of the details are skewed for the sake of drama, the fact remains that the established gaming community were pretty much dicks to Steve Wiebe (pronounced Wee-bee) because he dared try to intrude on their turf.

Unfortunately, the "controversy" surrounding this film seems to be all about nitpickery of the details (this thread in particular, but beware as this path lies asshattery in the extreme). While I understand that details are important, the fact remains that this group of nerds pretty much despised anyone outside of their clique. For all the whining that geeks and nerds do about not being accepted (I do plenty of that myself), you would think these, of all people, would be more accepting of someone into their ranks. But no, their desire to cling to their bragging rights begat their deplorable treatment of Mr. Wiebe despite his proving he could compete against the best.

This sort of nerd-on-nerd bullying really pisses me off (if that weren't already evident). I see it all over the Internet on a litany of message boards as geeks engage in pissing matches to be king of the mountain. I see it at sci-fi conventions where arrogant jerks in Stormtrooper armor thumb their noses at those in Starfleet uniforms. Now I've seen it in the context of video game competition. And it all sucks.

I highly recommend The King of Kong even though the film made me a bit angry. One of the better underdog stories to come out in quite a while.


Wes said...

Yeah, nerds can be among the most unreceptive people ever. I've never really known there to be video game cliques outside of online contexts, though, so I find this description to be kind of interesting. Might have to hunt this film down and give it a look. :)

smacky said...

The funny (sad) thing is if you replaced the word "nerds" with "democrats" your post would be a pretty accurate summation of the problem with that group!

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