Saturday, March 15, 2008

First Outing

Out and about and so non-plussed.

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smacky said...

Would it be completely weird to request a pic of the little one next to Tom Servo? That would (a) give us perspective and (b) freaking rule!!!

Please post pic of this!

De said...

Would you believe I had been planning this before Miriya left the hospital?

I need to figure out how to accomplish this. Her current schedule consists of sleeping and eating. Any time she's awake, she expects to eat. And if she's not eating, she's fussing.

smacky said...

If by "eating" you mean "breastfeeding" then I can see your dilemma. Think the mom would put Servo on the other one for symmetry?

(OK, probably just overstepped a line here... sorry!)

(Still, how funny would that be?)

angrygrrface said...

Eh, if it were my baby, I'd be down with that.

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