Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The Week Ends, the Week Begins

It's been a while since I've written one of these, but it was a fairly productive week.


To use a term employed by the legend that is Siskoid, I flipped Clash of the Titans over the weekend. For a $5 disc, this was a pretty good value. The video quality isn't bad for a nearly 30-year old film that relied on a lot of blue-screen trickery. A Blu-Ray release of this film was planned for later this year but was postponed because Warner Home Video was worried that the primitive (by today's standards) visual effects wouldn't match the current expectations of high-definition. Feh, I say. Ray Harryhausen achieved some truly awesome stuff given the limitations of the medium at the time. Speaking of Harryhausen, the DVD includes a short retrospective with him involving the film's production and several mini-segments about the design and execution of the film's monsters.

While I flipped the disc long ago, I watched V: The Original Miniseries again as a refresher for reading Kenneth Johnson's sequel (see Books below). I must have seen this at least 20 times now and it's still incredibly powerful stuff.

I'm currently in the middle of watching the supplemental material for The Karate Kid. The film itself is just as charming as I remember it despite the somewhat formulaic structure of "underdog becomes empowered." I'll be watching the film again shortly in order to listen to the commentary. For a really odd look at Karate Kid nostalgia, check out the No More Kings video for "Sweep the Leg" and be amazed that Billy Zabka agreed to take part—I sure as hell wouldn't have.


I finally finished The Bionic Book: Reconstructed and I'm afraid the verdict is pretty much a thumbs down from me. Aside from a ton of egregious typos and poor editing, the book reads like an effort not unlike staying up the night before to compose a term paper. In one particularly odd example, the author credits the success of today's superhero films to the success of The Six Million Dollar Man and The Bionic Woman based solely on the notion that both series portrayed people who were more than human. That's quite a stretch considering repeats of either series are incredibly hard to find in this day and age (in the United States anyway). While there were some very interesting parts, the overall product seemed like a half-hearted effort. I recommend you save your money and keep an eye on the Bionic Wiki for what's shaping up to be one of the definitive information sources for classic bionic goodness.

I'm still reading V: The Second Generation and hope to finish it this week. The story is okay so far; I'm finding the most interesting stuff to be the current ecological state of the planet under 20 years of Visitor rule. Pretty scary stuff.


For a couple of hours, the legend that is Smacky and I attended a local comic book show at the meeting hall of the Dunn Loring fire house. Among the purchases made were some back issues of The Unknown Soldier, bootleg DVDs of The Zeta Project and Primeval, and the entire Day of Judgment miniseries. After shopping, Smacky and I made our way to Chevy's for some decent chain restaurant Tex-Mex fare.

This weekend, I'll be attending the Farpoint convention to perform with Luna-C and moderate a few panel discussions. If you're also attending, stop by and say hello.


Siskoid said...

Ya! Clash of the Titans is the purest Harryhausen there is!

I like V too.

Karate Kid... Well, two out of three ain't bad. (I'm kidding, Pat Morita we miss you.)

Bill D. said...

Where'd you find Clash of the Titans for 5 bucks? Because that's totally worth it. Do I need to start paying more attention to the giant Wal-Mart cheapie DVD bin?

De said...

I did indeed find Clash of the Titans in the Wal-Mart $5 bin. Every once in a while I'll find something decent in there. Just the other night, I found Escape from LA and One Hour Photo in there.

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