Monday, February 25, 2008

Not Dead Just Tired

Hey everybody (as I speak in my best Dr. Nick voice). It was a long weekend (and not the good kind) followed by a long day. I'm going to hit the hay if that's all right. In the meantime, check out this Wikipedia entry on the Blinovitch Limitation Effect.

See you tomorrow.


smacky said...

I love thinking about time travel paradoxes. Someone commented about the Sarah Connor Chronicles, "When they jumped ahead to 2007, aren't there now two Johns and Sarahs in Los Angeles?"

Why didn't Sarah's EMT boyfriend comment about how John hasn't aged in the last seven years? Shouldn't John be 23?

What do you think?

De said...

I see where you're coming from. If Cameron hadn't shown up, then Sarah and John would have gone on living (presumably) and thus would have been present in 2007 naturally. What appears to have happened is the good ol' predestination paradox where history recorded that they all disappeared in the bank vault. Since it was "all part of history in the first place," we eliminate the problem of two Sarahs and two Johns.

The EMT not commenting on John's age (or lack thereof) is a minor issue but certainly a curious one considering he did note Sarah's lack of aging.

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