Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Missing in Action

I really miss having the ability to blog from work. Sure, I can pop a quick entry on Twitter using my mobile phone but typing an entire entry using the tiny keyboard gets really old really fast. I thought about snagging one of those wireless modems from one of the mobile companies but they all have a ton of stupid restrictions while charging you out the nose for it. Feh, I say.

In an effort to provide a modicum of content, here are a few quick movie reviews from my Netflix viewing over the weekend...


A fun fantasy romp quite reminiscent of The Princess Bride. Lots of fun characters make this coming-of-age/chick flick a delight to watch.

Futurama: Bender's Big Score

Futurama's return did not disappoint in the least. The concept of time travel is turned on its ear and kicked mercilessly to hilarious effect.

The Astronaut Farmer

While I appreciated what it was trying to convey, this film unfortunately trots out the same, tired Hollywood cliches to sappily manipulate the audience. While there are some fun moments, you're better off watching the movie this tried (and failed) to be -- October Sky.


marty said...

You should consider getting a thumb drive and typing up blog entries using MSWord at work and saving them for posting later.

I know lots of people that blog that way!

angrygrrface said...

I could have told you that the Astronaut Farmer sucked.

Good luck figuring a way to blog at work! Without getting caught, of course.

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