Monday, January 14, 2008

What a Difference a Day Makes

After learning of the foreseeable end to my current job, I came in to work today with a big case of the Mondays. I definitely did not want to be there.

After finishing up the breakfast of champions that is black coffee and a granola bar, I received a telephone call from a recruiter. After finishing that call, I received another call from another recruiter. After that call, I received another call, but this time it was from a hiring manager who hoped to interview me today.

Seeing as how it was going to be a lackluster day anyway, I went to the interview. Without going into detail (I don't want to jinx it), I hope to hear something soon.


Wes said...

Sweet! Sounds like you're in demand. :)

smacky said...

Same comment I gave Lauren when she found a new job immediately:

Rock n' Roll!!!!

De said...

Let's not get crazy guys. There's still miles to go before I sleep.

angrygrrface said...

Good luck!

Bill D. said...

Best of luck!

Also - and belatedly - thanks for being the one person on the internet to play along with my Galactus meme!\

Also also - I think your package is lost and gone forever. Razzafrazza UPS (I'm assuming).

wes said...

"I can't say I've been missin it Bob."

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