Thursday, January 10, 2008

Down on the Farm

With last night running a tad late, the family decided to stop at Bob Evans for dinner. Normally, I adore Bob Evans with its sausage-laden goodness but last night really tested our greasy, forbidden love.

For those not in the know, I'm trying to lose 40 pounds by the end of the year. I managed to lose 30 last year after changing my eating habits but shedding the 40 will require diet and exercise. I'm slowly working toward it with an 1,800-calorie diet (which I fall short of most days) and taking the stairs at work. I hope to be able to knock out a couple of miles on a treadmill before too long.

Anyhoo, I was trying to figure out what I could order that wasn't totally saturated in fat (believe it or not, the salads are covered in ranch dressing or their hot bacon dressing bacon grease) and settled on the Border Scramble Omelette, substituting wheat toast for the biscuits. The portion size was huge but I ate it anyway because I'm a moron.

Normally, the atmosphere is pretty quiet as we tend to go during the week, leaving the weekends for the cast of thousands populating the City Where Nobody Works. However, we happened to be seated next to three tables where everyone seemed to know each other. This did not become apparent until halfway through our meal. I don't mind people talking, but it does get annoying when the talking stops and the shouting begins. Use your indoor voices, people!

Oh, and it didn't help that our waiter disappeared for half an hour to make a birthday sundae for a little girl at one of the nearby tables. Kids love ice cream, especially on their birthday, but does it truly take a half hour to put ice cream in a cup? Needless to say, we hightailed it as soon as humanly possible.

Arriving home, Em walked the dogs, Bug went to bed, and I spent a couple of hours with The Dog Whisperer before I gave up and surrendered to another bad night's worth of sleep.

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