Friday, January 11, 2008

The Competition Was Tough

This morning, I was greeted by my fellow co-workers not with "hello" or "good morning" but "we lost." The company I'm currently working for lost the re-compete for the contract. There's a 45-day transition period, which gives me a little time to find another position somewhere but this is damn annoying.

You see, we were constantly teased about the state of the re-compete throughout the month of December. About once a week we'd be told that a decision would be coming on a particular day only to have the agency pull a Lucy Van Pelt with a proverbial football. While I appreciate not receiving the news the week before Christmas, I feel that the constant teasing was just as bad if not worse.

Anyway, my perfect start to the weekend begins with job hunting.

1 comment:

smacky said...

Oh... that sucks! Good luck, man. Everything will work out.

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