Monday, December 17, 2007

The Week Ends, the Week Begins


For the first time in quite a while, I watched an entire DVD box set including the supplemental material. The box set in question was The Office Season Two. I bought it on sale from Amazon for $14.99 during their Black Friday DVD sale. At $14.99, that's quite a steal because the set is friggin' loaded.

In addition to 22 episodes that still very much hold up to repeat viewings, you get 10 commentaries that are fun and sometimes interesting; deleted scenes for every episode (some of which you know nearly killed the creative staff to axe); all of the material from that season (The Office: The Accountants webisodes and the sometimes funny fake PSAs); a blooper reel (watch Dwight totally lose his intense composure); Michael Scott's Faces of Scranton video (a Great Scott! production); and the original NBC promo material for the Olympics and The 40-Year Old Virgin.

Incidentally, I watched this before I began watching The Office Season One. No clue as to why; I just did.

Also watched Doctor Who: The Five Doctors but haven't had a chance to listen to the commentary yet. The adventure itself isn't bad, but it isn't great either. It's pretty much an excuse to get nearly everyone together, even if it is for only a minute or two in many cases (most notably Tom Baker—the Fourth Doctor). The supplemental material includes the aforementioned commentary, a Who's Who gallery that serves well as a dramatis personae, and a "Special Music" section that's kind of like having a soundtrack of the film at your disposal (not that it's any great shakes unlike Murray Gold's awesome music for the current series).

iPod Viewing

During the commute, I've been watching Robotech. At the moment, I'm in the middle of Episode #23: "Reckless", where a number of Zentraedi defect to the SDF-1 during an invasion attempt. Aside from some assorted silliness, the series holds up surprisingly well 20 years later.


Before hitting the hay of late, I've been reading the comic series 100 Bullets. This series is a return to film noir using a modern setting and breathtaking illustration by Eduardo Risso. The result can be a bit brutal at times, but I have yet to be disappointed after reading the first 17 issues. The basic premise is that a guy calling himself Agent Graves gives someone a briefcase containing an untraceable gun with 100 untraceable bullets to take revenge on whomever wronged them (evidence of which is included in the briefcase). It's a really interesting morality tale where each person is essentially asked whether they'd want to get away with murder and if that murder would provide closure in their lives. Interspersed with all of this is a conspiracy story involving an Illuminati-esque organization known only as The Trust. As much as I hate, hate, hate conspiracy stories, this one doesn't fall into the trap of being convenient when the story clearly suggests otherwise—at least it hasn't yet. If you want something different than the standard superhero fare, this is definitely something to try; especially if you don't mind films like Reservoir Dogs and Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels.

I'm about halfway through Into the Wild. Jon Krakauer has taken a bit of a detour from chronicling the life of Chris McCandless to relating similar tales of enlightenment-seekers from decades earlier. It's an interesting read thus far and it appears the next chapter will return to McCandless's life as he arrives in Fairbanks, Alaska. Incidentally, the film adaptation (which spurred me to read this book) will be available February 12 on DVD.


Chris said...

Man, I loved Robotech Macross. I own the DVD Set. It's been years since I've watched it though. Just seeing the title, I'm probably going to have that opening fanfare theme music in my head the rest of the day (which ain't a bad thing).

I've been meaning to watch that DVD movie they put out last year for the longest time too.

De said...

Shadow Chronicles isn't bad but you really have to set aside almost all of The Sentinels stuff that came before.

I still have a copy of the incredibly rare Robotech: The Movie to sit down and watch at some point.

smacky said...

They really do have a bunch of good deleted scenes on The Office Season 2. Maybe they filmed them just for the DVD releases, since their audience is likely the kind that would delve into the DVD extras, rather than hit "play all" and just watch the episodes. In season 2, you can watch Michael's man-crush on Ryan grow.

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