Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Tuesday's Grey and Wednesday Too...

For those following all things De: I'm a little less lethargic today but am still rather listless. I have to attend a two-hour meeting this afternoon; otherwise, I wouldn't be here. Could really use some quality rest (and less sentence fragments).
* * * *
Dave's Long Box is having Star Trek Week this week. If you'd like to read some irreverent commentary about going where no man has gone before, check it out.

Not Blog X is on hiatus for another week or so, but SeƱor Kendall has a number of YouTube's "greatest hits" embedded in the meantime. The creepy passionate wrestling fan is especially amusing and could be the panacea to my aforementioned drudgery if the agency currently employing me didn't block YouTube.

TV Shows on DVD has cover art pics of the Justice League: New Frontier high-definition releases. Between this release and the Star Trek remastered set, I'm very very tempted to pick up an HD-DVD player and not give a crap about the possibility of it being a dead format in a couple of years.
* * * *
That's it for me today. Hopefully, I'll have something a bit more interesting tomorrow.

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