Tuesday, January 1, 2008

New Year's Eve 2007

After the general suckery I managed to encounter in the single day that was today, I could be kicked in the balls tomorrow and still begin 2008 better than I ended 2007.

Hanging out at home for the rest of the night with Hollywood After Dark featuring hilarious commentary by the Film Crew and more Rue McLanahan skin than is allowed by the Geneva Convention.

EDIT: I'm not sure I could watch this again without self-inflicting permanent blindness. This was one of the most vile things ever produced on this planet. Eww. Just eww. I need some ice cream.

Oh, and Happy New Year to you all.


smacky said...

happy new year. Here's to 2008 not sucking!

Bill D. said...

Funny... I was just watching a Film Crew DVD today, too. Killers From Space, though, which is thankfully scantily-clad-Rue-free.

And as someone whose New Year's Eves tend to run the gamut from really weird to full-on shitty, I can sympathize. Happy 2008, though!

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