Thursday, December 27, 2007

The Live Journal

I know I promised a return to more thrills and more fun yesterday but I was simply captivated at the myriad stories found on the LiveJournal communities customers suck and customers_suck. Evidently the suckitude dished out by consumers simply could not be contained in a single LiveJournal community, hence the need for two. Being a former wage slave for a few retail ogres (they weren't retail giants) and a number of restaurants back in the day, I could only nod my head in commiseration at the abuse, ill will, and assholery thrown in the faces of these people day after day.

Speaking of LiveJournal communities, there's one called doctorwho_eps where members can find links to torrents, files, etc. of Doctor Who episodes new and old. This community was invaluable last year when looking for Torchwood episodes I wasn't able to immediately download. Well, the moderators shut down the community just prior to Doctor Who's third season mentioning something or other about a "saboteur." Membership re-application became necessary and has been full of various and sundry requirements before open membership applications were allowed again two days ago. I re-applied and received e-mail this morning: membership denied. Oh yeah, if you dare to ask for a reason, this is their response: "asking us is only likely to get us pissed off and you permanently blacklisted."

Well, I certainly don't want to piss off a group of Doctor Who fans, especially fans who wallow in their exclusivity claiming it's to protect themselves when they really just don't want to let anyone else into the clubhouse. Thankfully I have other means to obtain Doctor Who stuff until it's released on DVD here in the US (when my downloaded copies are then destroyed), but not everyone else is so fortunate. This situation reminds me very much of something Evan Dorkin said when discussing his Welcome to Eltingville pilot:

Over the years I’ve realized that [the lovable geek] cliché is not necessarily true, a lot of geeks once given a modicum of power whatever that might be, are absolute tyrants and assholes. With a lot of people in fandom, their fanishness is their armor.

All too true, Evan.

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Stori Lundi said...

I'm in the Doctor Who community and can forward you links as they become available. Em should also be able to apply as well.

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