Monday, December 3, 2007

Comic Book Not-so Confidential

As the legend that is Smacky has already extolled, the two of us joined forces to tackle a local comic show at the Dunn Loring fire hall. I was quite the bad boy and dropped "a bill" (as the kids would say) on comics. However, I managed to snag nearly complete runs of Suicide Squad and The Question for a song.

It was surprising to see that the Comic Book Guy stereotype was pretty much nowhere to be found. Something else that was surprising to see, but certainly not unwelcome, were kids seriously looking for their favorite heroes to read about. It's good to know the myriad movies are bringing at least a few kids into the fold. Hopefully they'll be able to leap over the wall of public inaccessibility most modern comics have built around themselves.

After we decided we had spent enough of our hard-earned cash, it was lunch time at Sweet Water Tavern. Pretty darned good food and some pretty good beer to wash it all down.

It was cold and rainy upon arriving home so I did what any other lad would do: I took a nap. Upon waking, it was auction time where it became clear that a certain robotic film-viewing companion will be joining me for all sorts of cinematic mischief soon. I'm sure he'll have something to say when he arrives :)

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smacky said...

You won?!? AWESOME!!!!!!!!

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