Friday, November 16, 2007


This past Tuesday, Em, my friend Kristen, and I joined the local Star Trek Meetup group for the screening of "The Menagerie" at the Regal Countryside 20 in lovely Sterling, Virginia.

The episodes were preceded by an introduction by Eugene Roddenberry, Jr., which then morphed into a behind-the-scenes featurette on the restoration, the new optical effects, and the re-scoring of Alexander Courage's famous theme. After a commercial for the HD-DVD Season 1 set, the story started in beautiful HD. It was truly gorgeous to see such detail on a screen so huge.

The audience was pretty much made up of old-school Trek fans (I will never use the term "Trekkie") though there were some younger folks, which was nice to see. As far as theater outings go, this was one of the best as no one talked throughout the show. Thankfully, there weren't any overzealous fans in ill-fitting uniforms to be found at all and only a few Comic Book Guys. In fact. the only piece of Trek apparel I saw was a lapel pin on some skinny guy who was apparently allergic to razors.

Sure, $13.50 is somewhat exorbitant for a movie ticket, but was the expense worth it? BEEP.

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