Monday, November 19, 2007

Updates of Sorts

There's not an awful lot going on. With the holidays fastly approaching, it's been fairly slow at work and most of the spare time has been used to help ready the house for visitors. Over the weekend, I did pick up a few DVDs but that's been about the extent of excitement around here (though "Time Crash" helped).

Speaking of DVDs, Deep Discount is doing their 20%-off sale again. Use SUPERSALE as your coupon and save a bit of cash. It does help a bit when shopping for the holidays. I wish I could have picked up some of the more expensive box sets this time around (I'm looking at you, Space: 1999) but with the federal government not having passed a budget yet, my freelance proposal work has pretty much dried up whereas I was working 12-hour days this time last year and making some pretty good cash. However, I am pleased to even be moderately employed at the moment.

Okay, I'm heading out to have dinner with a friend and don't plan to return before bedtime. So until tomorrow, True Believers... Excelsior!

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