Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Turkey Fact #12

"Turkeys contain enough L-tryptophan to knock you on your Thanksgiving ass."
-- Crow T. Robot
Tomorrow's the day folks. Since I helped out with your food preparation needs yesterday, I thought I'd suggest some post-dinner activities. I don't tend to watch sports on TV, especially not NFL football's four-hour commercial blocks punctuated by occasional game play. Instead, I like to turn to the shiny little platters of goodness whose siren songs convince me to spend more and money on them: DVDs. And what better sequel to a meal of turkey is there than watching "turkeys"?

Here are a few gems (a term I use very lightly) you might enjoy falling asleep to when that good ol' turkey magic kicks into high gear:
  • Tim Burton's adaptation of Planet of the Apes—Not a totally awful movie, but not very good either. Plenty of idiocy to laugh at and hopefully you'll fall asleep before the "WTF" ending.
  • Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace—Sorry my fellow fans, this film pretty much blows goats. Aside from a few cool scenes, this serves as the perfect time waster. You won't miss a thing in your turkey-induced stupor.
  • Dungeons & Dragons—Imagine the worst RPG group you ever played with and then imagine them making a movie. Not even seeing Zoe McLellan trussed up in Ren Faire garb could keep me awake through this film and that's without the benefit of a turkey dinner.
So there you go. I don't plan on posting tomorrow save for some pics so a big happy Thanksgiving to all of you. Thanks for reading the blog and helping me steer clear of the voices that tell me to set fires. We'll be back on Friday.


Siskoid said...

If you want to see a totaally awful D&D movie done right, I recommend The Gamers.

De said...

Because you recommended it, I ordered a copy this morning. Skimming a few reviews tells me this is going to be pretty hilarious. Thanks for the tip, pally.

Liz said...

I seem to recall seeing the Dungeons and Dragons movie with you and a bunch of the old crew a long ago, in the theater. Talk about two hours and eight bucks down the crapper. If only I had a Tom Servo puppet to help make the night go better...

De said...

I wasn't around to accompany you guys that night, but oh how I wanted to. I finally saw it on DVD and finally gave up with around 20 minutes left to go.

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