Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Shootout at the Golden Corral

Sorry for the absence folks. I typically haven't been updating on the weekends anyway, but some major pain in my legs kept me off my feet Monday and Tuesday and I wasn't in the mood for blogging. But enough of that stuff...

After having worked a bit late tonight, I took the family to the local Borders where I had hoped to find some films by Henri-Georges Clouzot but came up empty-handed. I did attempt to order them with the help of the lovely sales associate so we'll see what happens.

Food was next on the agenda so we decided to try the local Golden Corral. The restaurant has been around for at least as long as Em and I have been married, but we've always decided against eating there due to our disdain for buffet restaurants and the eat, eat, eat mentality they typically engender. We really should have trusted our instincts because Golden Corral blows big time.

You can get steak cooked to order, which isn't too bad. However, the rest of the items on the hot bar are pretty lame. It's pretty much like elementary school cafeteria food only topped with a buttload of cholesterol. Wednesday was "Fajita Night" (lucky us) so I partook of a fajita that required me to go to the opposite end of the hot bar to spoon on some pretty weak salsa atop my dessicated flank steak. After I finished my meat, I decided I'd better eat a salad. The salad bar was pretty embarrassing. Sure, they had greens in addition to iceberg lettuce but there was certainly a dearth of vegetables. I settled for a couple of red onions and some broccoli, but could not find any dressing that didn't appear to clog arteries so I went without.

Golden Corral is one of the few places in Northern Virginia where I've been able to order sweet tea (a Southern staple, which is just awesome and has less sugar than soda) but that alone cannot atone for the quality of the food. If I were Tom Sietsema, I'd give the Golden Corral one star and that's for the iced tea.


smacky said...

I think if you were Tom Sietsema, you'd have a meal budget built into your job and you wouldn't ever go to Golden Corral!

The Gilded Pigsty (I just came up with that obnoxiously snobby nickname) has indeed been around forever. I've never been to one. Does it have Texas Toast? (Good Lord, it has its own wiki:

When I was a kid we used to go to Bonanza now and then. (Hmm, Bonanza has since joined forces with Ponderosa. Makes sense.)

You know what doesn't suck? Logan's. And they give you free peanuts!

De said...

I didn't see any Texas Toast but we were offered yeasty dinner rolls (which we passed on).

As far as chain steakhouses go, Logan's isn't too bad. I like Lone Star too.

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