Thursday, November 8, 2007

Sell Out

Okay, I went ahead and did it. Over on the left, in the Currently Reading section, you'll find an Amazon link to the book that I'm currently immersed in when I'm not doing things like working or sleeping. My primary purpose was to have a semi-decent graphic of the book cover as scrounging around for pictures that fit the box was becoming a tad labor-intensive.

And yes, I do receive a small referral fee if you use the link to buy stuff. Frankly, I really don't care if you buy stuff through the link or not. I'm just too lazy to look for and edit pics.


smacky said...

I read that book when I was in Africa. While I could understand his excitement at running away and seeing the wild (I was in AFRICA, ya know), overall I found his death to be a waste. Like the Peace Corps volunteers who got malaria in Africa. Almost a 100% chance that they got it because they stopped taking the weekly meflaquin pills we were given. Yeah, you might be living your life on your own terms, but stupid decisions can bring about unfortunate consequences.

Wes said...

I was about to write, "I don't see anything... what are you talking about, De?" but then I remembered that I have this Adblock Plus plugin in effect.

Anyway, I kinda want to see the movie -- from what I've heard, it reminds me of this book that I got really into for a while but then put down and never picked back up again. It's Wild Animus by Rich Shapero, if you're ever interested in giving it a look. Not a bad read while you can take it -- I never felt like I hated the book -- but it does get to a point where you know how it ends but it just keeps going on and you may not feel all that motivated to continue, especially if you've got other books on deck that you're excited to read. I think this one got bumped to the side for "The Immoralist" in my case.

Oh, and speaking of books, I just got a shipment in from WhoNA -- these used Target novelizations are in pretty great condition. :)

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