Thursday, November 1, 2007


Smacky mentioned in one of the comments links that Joel Hodgson had formed Cinematic Titanic—his homage to good ol' Mystery Science Theater 3000. Clicking the link, Joel promises cool stuff in store and you can subscribe to the newsletter (I did, but you don't necessarily have to—or do you?). Never in a million years did I think we'd see so much MST3K even if most of these projects aren't calling themselves MST3K (except for Jim Mallon's thing).

Speaking of the show that just won't die, I found an entire blog devoted to the greatness that is the Satellite of Love that calls itself Deep Ape. That title just sounds so wrong yet I can't help but keep looking.


smacky said...

Wow, that blog has more news than the old "official" site of mstsk info.

You've been bookmarked, Deep Ape!

Bill D. said...

Deep Ape was a pretty awesome site... I had no idea there was any animosity between Mallon and just about everyone else. Very interesting.

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