Tuesday, October 23, 2007


I didn't hear from anyone about the car yesterday and the status on the insurance company's website continued to read "Pending" as late as 11am this morning. I'll likely call the body shop in a little while to see if they've even received my car at this point.

As if on cue, Emily's car begins overheating badly while en route to retrieve me from the Metro. Luckily, a friend of hers was home and they eventually arrived to pick me up.

So we began the day without a car. Emily's lovely sister drove Bug to school and the two of us to Enterprise where I rented a Suzuki Forenza for the next couple of days.

From the Not-At-All-Dire-for-a-Change Department: I finished reading the entire 155-issue run of Marvel's G.I. Joe last night. My hope is to start reviewing them here on the ol' blog before too long.


chris said...

G.I. Joe is the book that got me into collecting comics when I was a kid. I used to make the trek to the 7-11 accross the "big" road, once every month to pick up the new issue. Eventually I discovered comic stores primarilly because I was trying to fill in my G.I. Joe Back Issue collection.

smacky said...

That is a LOT of GI Joe comics. Do you have all back issues, read them online, or what? I'm not sure when I stopped buying them... somewhere in the late 40s of the run, I guess. Wow, there are over 100 GI Joe comics I've never read? Wow. Which late issue had three Joes actually die, and who were they? (No that isn't a trivia question, though it would make a good one. I'm genuinely curious. I think it was the medic, the asian ninja with the black capris and no shirt, and one other I don't recall at all. Can you enlighten me?)

smacky said...

Wow, never mind. Followed the link in your post. They really started killing Joes off in 1991, huh? At least 10 I counted, though only a few of the names were familiar to me.

I wonder if they toy line was dying at that point, and that's why marvel got permission to start popping characters.

De said...

Chris - G.I. Joe was my gateway comic as well. I had to beg and plead for my parents to let me go to the used book store across town that also sold comics.

Smacky - The toy line was certainly beginning to wane around 1991 - mostly due to the economic recession at the time - and never really recovered. Interest in the comic was certainly at a low, which I attribute to rampant speculation of "hot" titles like X-Men and whatever Image was putting out at the time. Allegedly, Hasbro was also really screeching about stuff in the toyline not being in the comic - stuff like the Eco Warriors, Sonic Fighters, etc.

Brenda said...

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