Thursday, October 25, 2007

Into the Wild

I caught this film last night and absolutely loved it. Based on Jon Krakauer's book, we follow Chris McCandless (aka Alexander Supertramp) on his journey across the US and into Alaska. Along the way, Chris meets some folks who will be forever changed after meeting him before he heads off to live life solo in the remote forests of Alaska.

It truly is a terrific film. Many people (particularly native Alaskans) were worried that Chris would be touted as some great folk hero, but he's not. Sure, he's not the best outdoorsman but that isn't the point. The fact that he eventually realizes he's come to know happiness through helping others know it is the point. It's something we could all do well to learn.

Technically, Sean Penn is an adequate director that more or less lets the scenery set the mood. Having extremely capable actors like Jena Malone and William Hurt on board really helped this picture out. If you're into gorgeous landscapes, then see this film in a theater. Whether you decide to wait for the DVD or not, I implore you to take the time (about two and a half hours) to see it.

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