Monday, October 22, 2007


The plan this past Friday was to pick up a friend, have some dinner, and attend the Cheryl Wheeler concert at the Birchmere. Pretty simple plan, right? Well, I miscalculated the amount of time it would take to leave work and arrive in Annandale so I ended up with an hour to kill. Spying a comic book shop, I thought I'd check it out.

Unfortunately, while turning into the shopping center, I became entangled in a traffic accident that left both vehicles inoperative. I can't go into too many specifics since I haven't discussed things with the insurance claims officer yet, but I can tell you the ordeal took over two hours to deal with.

While the incident itself wasn't pleasant, the absolute worst part was the sheer amount of verbal abuse hurled in my general direction. The gist of this abuse were along the lines of "Move your car, idiot" and variations of that particular theme. I'm well aware that people are inconvenienced (as if I wasn't), but my car wasn't moving due to all of my transmission fluid now found in a huge puddle on the street.

At one point, I was bent over while looking at the damage when a passerby yelled, "Get out of the road, you fucking moron!" I shot him The Finger while I was still bent over, not even looking at the guy. Evidently, that was too much for this lad since he got out of his truck to ask if I "had a problem." Exasperated, I rose up, turned around, read him the riot act, and mentioned a possible meeting with my fists and his face. That got him to back away and immediately leave the premises. Anyone that knows me knows that I'm not a violent person, but even a non-violent can be pushed too far sometimes. I'm certainly not proud of stooping to such boorish behavior, but emotion had taken over at that point. I'll endeavor to do better in the future.

No signs of injury the first night but Saturday morning was hell. I stayed in bed pretty much all day because my legs hurt too much to move. I'm faring a bit better today as I patiently wait for the claims officer to return my call. Once the dust has settled, I'll upload the pictures from my phone for the shock and amazement of all.


Liz said...

Good God De I hope you're all right! Damn that sucks...traffic accident, asshole yelling at you, getting hurt...I hope you're recuperating while your menagerie gives you emotional support.

De said...

Arf has been a bit restless lately since he hasn't much of an opportunity to run (we have bow hunters on the property fairly regularly right now) so he was pretty aggravating. Zoe was usually content to snuggle up beside me when she wasn't busy barking at Arf. The cats are the cats.

Chris said...

wow... ouch on the car. I subscribed to your Utterz in my Google Reader.

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